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Westore Frozen, a leading "Freeze" logistics provider since 2020, offers specialized cold storage, logistics, and fulfillment services in Texas. Our experienced team excels in handling and transporting products in controlled temperature environments, ensuring the safety and integrity of temperature-sensitive goods.
Whether your needs include refrigerated storage or frozen distribution, we provide comprehensive cold chain logistics services. Contact us at 832-645-1507 to learn how our "Freeze" services can enhance your operations.

About Westore Frozen

Caring For Your Products

At Westore Frozen, we understand the importance of your temperature-sensitive products and ensure their safety with our state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled facilities and advanced security measures. Our 24/7 security system, requiring badge access, and facility-wide surveillance cameras guarantee the integrity of your goods.
We handle each item with the utmost care, ensuring they are meticulously stored and monitored, providing peace of mind that your products are managed with precision and attention to detail.

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On-Time Delivery

At Westore Frozen, we recognize the crucial role timely delivery plays in your success. We are committed to ensuring on-time delivery for all our clients, understanding the significance of meeting deadlines and doing all it takes to ensure your products arrive exactly when needed.

Precision-controlled cold storage management

Advanced freeze-specific fulfillment services for your business demands

Omnichannel fulfillment

We handle B2B, B2C, bulk orders, and e-commerce.

1 to 2-day dock-to-stock

Our warehouse will accurately process every single item of your inventory within 1-2 days after it arrives.

One-stop shop

We can handle your entire supply chain from beginning to end.


You can see real-time updates on your inventory at any time with our innovative technology.

Warehouse management software

We provide real-time warehouse stock management and optimal operator routes.

Zero shrinkage allowance

We don’t believe you should suffer a loss from damaged or lost inventory, so we operate with a 0% shrinkage allowance.


We take care of all picking, packing, shipping, and storing during the order fulfillment process. Our fulfillment services are built to help companies bring their products directly to the end customers. You sell – we fulfill.


In the freeze logistics sector, reliable transportation is key to successful order fulfillment. Businesses require a logistics partner that offers efficient, temperature-controlled shipping solutions at competitive rates. Westore Frozen has formed strategic partnerships with leading carriers, including DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS, to provide specialized transportation for frozen and refrigerated goods, ensuring your products are transported under optimal conditions.

Our History

Understanding the challenges businesses face with delayed or improperly handled deliveries, Westore Frozen emerged from a recognized need for specialized freeze logistics services. Our founders, with extensive backgrounds in finance, e-commerce, and distribution, envisioned a premier service provider dedicated to reliable, efficient, and cost-effective freeze logistics solutions in Texas.

Since our inception, Westore Frozen has been committed to excellence, rapidly becoming a leading provider of specialized freeze logistics services. Our growth and success are credited to our expert team and our unwavering dedication to prioritizing client needs, ensuring timely and safe delivery of temperature-sensitive products.

Our Mission

Westore Frozen is dedicated to a straightforward mission: to offer businesses specialized freeze logistics solutions that are essential for their success, at competitive rates.

Recognizing the diversity and unique requirements of each business, we provide an array of customizable services tailored to specific needs. From temperature-controlled warehousing to specialized freeze transportation and other 3PL services, we are equipped and ready to assist with all your cold logistics demands.

Your Success Is Our Success

We at Westore Frozen hold a firm belief that our success is intrinsically connected to the success of our clients, prompting us to consistently go above and beyond in ensuring client satisfaction with our specialized freeze services. For a professional and dedicated freeze 3PL provider you can depend on, Westore Frozen is your ideal choice. We’re committed to collaborating closely with you to identify the most effective cold logistics solutions for your business. Contact us today at 832-645-1507 to explore how we can support your specific needs with our expert freeze services.


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